Guest blog post: jobs, failure and dreams

When one of our interviewees, who will remain anonymous, learned about what PathSource is trying to achieve, she offered to write a blog post for us in addition to appearing in an interview. While her views don’t represent the views…

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Do Majors Matter?

It’s impossible to find a college student nowadays who has not been asked the question, “What’s your major?”. I have asked it of almost everyone I’ve met in school, interpreting the answer as some telling piece of their lives. But…

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Stack Of Cash

Who Says You Need A Degree To Get A Job?

The recent economic downturn that has left many recent college graduates jobless has brought into question the actual worth of a college degree. Of course student loan debt is a huge news item right now, with the announcement of Obama’s…

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The Problem Of The Unpaid Internship

We’ve all heard about and know how difficult it is to land a job out of college in today’s economy. You’re now competing not only with other fresh graduates, but with more experienced job seekers as well. An entry-level job…

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Build Your Resume and Blaze Your Path

Recently my friend applied for a job that simply required her resume. No five-hundred word cover letter, no examples of projects… Nothing but a single document describing where she’s worked and when for the past few years of her life….

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Demand in the Job Market

    “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” These are the words of Steve Jobs, arguably one of our country’s greatest thinkers in the past few…

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