How to Become a Firefighter

If you have an iPhone, download our free app for unlimited access to videos about firefighting and hundreds of other professions. Did you know that for every open position as a firefighter, there are more than 800 candidates? The odds however get…

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How to Become a Dentist

Here at PathSource, we like to give our readers information on a wide range of career paths. In order to help you achieve your career goals, we are launching a new series titled “How To Become…” which explores many different…

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How I Beat Senioritis By Skipping Senior Year

During my junior year of high school, I developed a full-blown case of “senioritis,” a condition that students everywhere are all too familiar with. As the ailment’s name suggests, senioritis typically arises in students during their senior year of school,…

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Living in the Dorms, As Told in GIFs

Freshman year of college is a year full of firsts, including all of the firsts that come from living within the confines of your very own dorm room. Anyone who has lived in the dorms can relate to the numerous benefits and drawbacks that…

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Office Space: A Cautionary Tale

  Poor Michael Bolton (the disgruntled Initech worker, not the 80s pop-rock musician, of course). Stuck working a monotonous dead-end job, hating his evil boss, and each day waiting for the clock to release him from the drudgery of his…

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