PathSource.com is America’s premier career navigation and education software. It uses short informational interviews on video to help young people select careers, figure out what to do with their lives and then helps them learn what it takes to get there.

The videos form the core of a broader career education solution. PathSource.com associates a broad range of salary and career information, as well as other career tools, with the videos. Our online curriculum then helps students build critical career and job search skills, so that they are prepared for long term career success. PathSource.com’s students are taught to be proactive – so that life doesn’t just happen to them.

Here’s the process young people at the middle school, high school and college level will go through when they use our software:

  • Step 1: Young people can watch videos about careers that interest them and they can discover careers they’ve never heard of before.
  • Step 2: Once they find careers that excite them, PathSource.com’s career database helps them dig into the career path and learn more.
  • Step 3: Our online assignments guide them into critically thinking about how their education relates to the real world.

PathSource.com shortens the front end of the process of searching for a good fitting career from months and years down to hours. Welcome to America’s only one-stop shop for career navigation.